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Reading Bank

Here are links to the stories from previous years.  Some really great stuff here.  I (Telegram Sam) personally have many memories and mental images imprinted from these tales. 

There are also links to works that weren't entered into a contest, due to being too long, finished late, etc.  If you'd like to share any of your works that you're not entering in the contest, just EVEmail Telegram Sam.  We'll link them here. 


2017 Entries

2016 Entries

2015 Entries

2014 Entries

2013 Entries

2012 Entries

Nathan Myakis, "Loud Thunderous Noise

Heard Throughout New Eden Was Not a

Cataclysmic Event, Reporters Say. (Totally

legit, I swear)"

Drackarn, "The Refit" (2015 short story)

Drackarn, "The Vaaralen Strain" (novella)

Revileushin Eyri, "Playing the Man"

                                                                       (Image courtesy of Wilhelm Arcturus)







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