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Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (New Eden lore-based)


3rd Prize + Very Short Fiction 3rd Prize - Jorus Q Merrill, "Commodity Futures"

Leehams DaWildabeast, "Captain's Log"

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla, "Story of my Lifes"

Hardradda, "Eve:Awakening"

Honorable Mention - Korsavius, "The Colour Lavender"

Korsavius, "Sunday Morning"

Miyoshi Akachi, "Abduction"

Elassus Herron, "Watcher of Relics"

Honorable Mention - Korsavius, "Mikramurka Nights"

3rd Prize - Mundi Kundoni, "Biomass"

Miyoshi Akachi, "Wednesday Morning Pod News!"

Miyoshi Akachi, "Women's best companion"

Avio Yaken, "Traitors"

Honorable Mention - Korsavius, "A Beautiful Exit"

Miyoshi Akachi, "Let me show you the world in my eyes"

3rd Prize - Ninavask, "Reachblades of Chandeille - Broken People and Shattered Dreams"

2nd Prize + Very Short Fiction 2nd Prize- Elassus Herron, "The Last Tower"

Honorable Mention - Da'iel Zehn, "Dark Ripple"

Erutor, "Crimson Harvest"

Teinyhr, "Stains of the Soul"

Grand Prize + Best Entry by a New Writer- Djavak Andrard, "Flametender"

Lasairiona Raske, "Angelic State"

Rob Kaichin, "The Visit"

Rob Kaichin, "Written in scars and skin"

Honorable Mention - Rob Kaichin, "The Old Wind's Rising"

Honorable Mention - Rob Kaichin, "The Angel of Mercy"

Rob Kaichin, "The Thunder That Announces His Passage"

Rob Kaichin, '“Lead all children to the light of God, for Heaven is theirs to inherit.”'

2nd Prize + Very Short Fiction 1st Prize- Rob Kaichin, "A Man of Peace and War"

Rob Kaichin, "Perfect Clarity"

Honorable Mention - Lucas Ballard, "Confession"

Honorable Mention - Korsavius, "Cold-blooded Creatures"

1st Prize - Nomistrav, "Fractured"

Nomistrav, "Heat"

Rob Kaichin, "Myth and Memory"

Rob Kaichin, "Divinely Devoted"

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