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Cagali Cagali

Brave Newbiles CEO, CSM10


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CCP Delegate Zero

CCP Game Developer

and Chronicles and Backstory Writer

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ISD Thalack Dalhar

Lead, New Eden Correspondents,
Interstellar Services Department

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Lasairiona Raske

Author, EVE Fiction Writer

Lunarisse Aspenstar.jpg

Lunarisse Aspenstar

EVE Fiction Events Host, Veteran RP Writer

Mizhara Del'thul.jpg

Mizhara Del'thul

RPer and EVE Lore Explorer



EVE Onion Editor & Publisher

Silver Night

EVE Player-Written Fiction Elder

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Telegram Sam

Contest Coordinator

Pod & Planet docked up 

Due to lack of free time and any surplus mental energy (due in turn to my work as an attorney in the currently rather tough field of U.S. immigration law), I am unsubbed from EVE and won't be able to coordinate more Pod & Planet events.  But we still have many good stories from years past in the Reading Bank.  Read, enjoy, and writers, keep on writing!

Update Jan. 6, 2019:  Winning stories for YC120 announced.  See you around Oct. 2019 for another event, Bob willing.



Just as it sounds, this is a fiction writing contest for stories based on EVE Online. 


This will be the seventh of these events in seven years.  Check out the Reading Bank page for the 395 tales the EVE community produced in the first six contests.  Amazingly good, high quality stuff.  If you need some inspiration for your writing, just review what some the stories the very talented EVE players have created.  And some generous ones.  Along the way our sponsors and donors have awarded writers with some 276 billion total ISK.


If you've never written before, do not be afraid to submit an entry.  We do this for fun, and maybe to see what our minds and imaginations might be able to cook up and put down in words.  Every year EVE players who have never written before write stories for this contest, and many have won top prizes too.  All, experienced and newbro/sis alike, have reported having great fun trying their hands at crafting a story.

And if English isn't your first language, the same is true.  No need to be shy.  Unfortunately, we can only accept stories written in English, because not all of the readers and judges might be able to read them otherwise.  But the judges won't penalize a story if it isn't written with native English fluency.  The ideas, the story-telling, and the tale itself are what count.   


This year we'll again have three categories:

Lore-Based; Ingame-Based/Freeform, and Humo(u)r.  There will also be special prizes for Very Short Fiction works.  More on the categories and their guidelines are on the Rules and Prizes pages. 

​​Prizes and Sponsors

We have 71+ bil ISK in PLEX and cash ISK for prizes, plus around 1.25 bil in other stuff.  Continuing on the tradition of following a theme, this year the prizes theme is Empire v. Republic TiffAs happens most years, the theme just spawned itself and emerged on its own, without asking anyone's permission.  It went like this:

-One of our judges has a char who is an active member of the 24th Imperial Crusade, i.e. a Amarr militia combat fighter and Empire loyalist.  Not a faction warfare LP farmer, but a true and dedicated Imperial subject. 

-Two other judges are active members of the Tribal Liberation Lorce, i.e. Minmatar militia combat fighters and Republic loyalists.  Also not FW LP farmers, but true and dedicated partisans of the Republic.

This being the case, the unfortunately disharmonious theme of Amarr vs. Minmatar Tiff showed up and presented itself as this year's prizes theme.  And so, our prizes theme this year had to be the Amarr and the Minmatar, and the lack of good feelings between them.  We'll be giving out some ships favored Am-Mil FW militiapersons, and some militia-themed apparel.  (Writers, it's just a theme for the extra prize trinkets-- no effect on the judging of any story.  Whatever story you have in your mind, just write it.  :] ).

The Prizes page shows the current distribution of awards, all thanks to these very generous patrons of the literary arts:

-Arataka Research Consortium - 45 bil ISK in cash and items.  (Thank you ARC!  A Pod&Planet for this year was looking very doubtful, due to our sponsor from previous years having to leave EVE.  You single-handedly made the event viable, and from there donations from other kind people followed).

-Mizhara Del'Thul - 10 bil ISK

-EVE Onion - 5 bil ISK

-OpusMagnum - 5 bil ISK (donated after asploding Telegram Sam's Thrasher in a low sec fight)

-High Drag EVE podcast - 1,000 PLEX

-Raata Zaibatsu - 1,000 PLEX

-Little Star Logistics - 500 PLEX

-DomanarK - 1 bil ISK

-Celestia Via - 1 bil ISK

-Miyoshi Akachi - 3 mil ISK

-Wilhelm Arcturus, Zendane, labtechwar - Images and kind support.  Once again, thanks labtechwar for donating the event's banner image, in the very first year.

Thank you, generous patrons of the literary arts!  Readers and writers, the sponsors' images to the right are linked.  Please hit them and give some support back to the people that made the event possible.  Or at least learn what they're about. 

Anyone else wishing to sponsor is welcome -- this is a community-made event, meaning everyone is invited to participate it in most any way.  If you wish to donate goods or services, let Telegram Sam know so we can put you in the Column of Honor on the right.

Your Judges

This year we again have a professional EVE writer judging:  CCP Delegate Zero, writer of very significant recent Chronicles, back for a third year.  More information on CCP DZ and the other judges is on the Judging page.  Thank you much, judges, for donating your free time and your attention!  o7


So, writers next stop for you might be the Rules page for guidance and how to enter your story.  Entries are due by the end of Sunday, November 11, 2018, EVE server time.  May inspiration be with you and your daydreamy zone-outs take you far! 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

This site of course does not track IP addresses or do any other kind of lowdown invasion of viewers' privacy.



Sponsors & Supporters (Hit the links)

Arataka Research Consoritium.png

Arataka Research Consoritium

45 bil ISK

Mizhara Del'thul.jpg

Mizhara Del'thul

10 bil ISK

Eve Onion.png

EVE Onion

5 bil ISK



Opus Magnum

5 bil ISK


High Drag podcast (returning sponsor)

1,000 PLEX


Raata Zaibatsu.png

Raata Zaibatsu

3 bil ISK


Little Star Logistics.png

Little Star Logistics

500 PLEX


Celestia Via.jpg

Celestia Via

1 bil ISK



DomanarK (returning sponsor)

1 bil ISK


Telegram Sam.jpg

Telegram Sam

Theme Prizes


Banner and website images

Wilhelm Arcturus

Reading Bank image


Audio recording of the winning story


: )  (Mail Telegram Sam if you'd like to sponsor/donate)

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