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Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (New Eden lore-based)

Aenea Maim, 'Low Power'

Donkyhotay, 'The Box Star Colony'

Jack Carrigan, 'Blood and Deathglow'

Epigene, 'Love'

Elisa Kose, 'Star of Blood'

Samtin Rewn, 'Fall and Rise'

Samtin Rewn, 'Residual Cinders'

Bas Mosker, 'Holoreels and the Box'

Oreamnos Amric, 'The Lost Wormholers'

Callista Dalmore, 'Forced Evolution'

Korsavius, 'Quiescence'

Korsavius, 'Catoptromancy'

Ayara Itris, 'Be'

Shen Striker, 'Breach'

Dantelion Shinoni, 'The Gheinok Chambers'

Mundi Kundoni, 'Fragments'

Tam en Marland, 'Hoarder'

Strepan Dorsett, 'Childhood's Memory'

Nomistrav, 'Rotten Curiosity'

Tam en Marland, 'Tumble'

Mundi Kundoni, 'Biomass 2 - Revelations'

Rob Kaichin, 'In Amber Clad'




A Day in the Life


Rachel Syne, 'The scary life of a newbie trader a tale of epic greed stupidity and bravery'

Arrowspeed Bounty, 'The Counting of Days'

Jack Carrigan, 'Rebirth in Shadow'

Eshet Chayil, 'Stars'

Lt Bleue, 'A Crimson Harvest'

Mountain Ghasha, 'Marine (Livestock)'

Cyno Krisse (DUST Name: Sergei Domar), 'Iron Lion'

Kyle Saltz, 'Simple Faith'

Shauna Aldard, 'The Unfinished Game'

Annisir Kaugan, 'Reflections'

Doggo Von Booplesnoot, 'A Legacy of Death'

Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara, 'Hyperheuristic'

Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara, 'Egger'

Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara, 'Abyssal Nightmares'

Shorai Aikyoraan, 'Song Without Words'

John LaCroix, 'GoodKite'

Palis Airuta, 'The Escape'

Katsumoto Moliko, 'The Vale'

Reyg Xander, 'Warp.  Pod.  Repeat.'

Arkade Elerra, 'A wild year'

Dantelion Shinoni, 'Cold'

Max Ouch, 'Red'

Ayana Naito, 'Arrival at the Crossroads'



Other Things Just Make You Swear and Curse (Humo(u)r)

Le Petite More, 'Sentenced'

chanman Yatolila, 'new beginnings'

Arissa Etonna, 'Cracked Capsule'

Grievious Maximus, 'A Package Better Left Unopened'

Shorai Aikyoraan, 'The Package'

Kilzin, 'Filaments Gone Wrong'

Korsavius, 'Flight of the Ravens'



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