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Pod and Planet Fiction Contest YC120

Winning Stories YC120

Here are the stories the judges picked as their favorites from the many great ones received. 

Grand Prize

Mundi Kundoni,"Biomass 2 - Revelations"

Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (Lore-Based)

First Prize - Korsavius, "Quiescence"

Second Prize - Ayara Itris, "Be"

Second Prize - Aenea Maim, "Low Power"

Third Prize - Epigene, "Love"

Third Prize - Mundi Kundoni, "Fragments"

Third Prize - Rob Kaichin, "In Amber Clad"

A Day in the Life (Freestyle)

First Prize - Katsumoto Moliko, "The Vale"

Second Prize - Dantelion Shinoni, "Cold"

Second Prize - Reyg Xander, "Warp.  Pod.  Repeat."


Third Prize - Jack Carrigan, "Rebirth in Shadow"

Third Prize - Eshet Chayil, "Stars"

Third Prize - Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara, "Abyssal Nightmares"

Other Things Just Make You Swear and Curse (Humo(u)r)

First Prize - Korsavius, "Flight of the Ravens"

Second Prize - Kilzin, "Filaments Gone Wrong"

Third Prize - Grievious Maximus, "A Package Better Left Unopened"

Very Short Fiction

First Prize - Katsumoto Moliko, "The Vale"

​Second Prize - Dantelion Shinoni, "Cold"

Third Prize - Korsavius, "Quiescence"

Third Prize - Korsavius, "Flight of the Ravens"

Honorable Mention

Shen Striker, "Breach"

Dantelion Shinoni , "The Gheinok Chambers"

Palis Airuta, "The Escape"

Shorai Aikyoraan, "Song Without Words"

Shauna Aldard, "The Unfinished Game"

Lt Bleue, "A Crimson Harvest"

Cyno Krisse (DUST Name: Sergei Domar), "Iron Lion"

Nomistrav, "Rotten Curiosity"


Congratulations, winning writers!  And congratulations to all writers!  Conceiving a tale, reducing it to and expressing it in words, and crafting a completed fiction work is by no means easy.  Finishing a fiction story and presenting creation for inspection by the whole world-- that alone is an accomplishment, I'd say.  Congratulations, and thanks much for the great reading.


There's an AAR page with some observations about this year's event (various statistics, prizes distribution, trends and comparisons, that kind of thing).  o7!




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